Hodge Doors and Pressure Vessels

Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance

At Hodge International, our actions continue to be guided by the one principle that has served us well over the years - a desire to provide our customers with the highest quality products engineered to meet the most demanding applications. In addition to the renowned Hodge quick-opening doors, our product line consists of systems which include autoclaves, vacuum chambers, sterilizers, and other pressure vessels for such industries as food, rubber, plastics, aerospace, health care, electronics, concrete, defense, wood treating, sintering furnaces, and crystal growing.

Guide for Preventive Maintenance


Check Electrical Connections
Inspect printout for signs of trouble
Install test equipment
When necessary, shut off building services and drain all lines


Insert door for easy operation
Check condition of door gasket for wear and tear and replace as necessary
Verify proper door alignment
Grease hinge, door lock, wedges, and back surface of sliding ring
Inspect door lock mechanism for wear


Inspect input strainer for debris
Clean strainers as necessary
Inspect steam trap for proper operation
Rebuild steam trap
Inspect each gauge for accuracy
Calibrate or replace gauge if required
Make internal inspection of each check valve
Replace or rebuild check valve if necessary
Check safety valve for proper operation
Check each solenoid and ball valve for proper operation
Rebuild each solenoid and ball valve
Inspect chamber drain strainer for debris
Flush chamber and drain line


Check valve for sticking
If motor growls, pump is picking up air. Check suction line for loose fittings
Check level of oil in reservoir
Check for bounces or vibrations of platform and bleed
Check fittings, piston and ram
Check for obstructions under lift table


Check Gear Box oil
Check piping for leaks
Check oil level


Solid state electronic device. No Maintenance Required


Verify correct operation of system
Check piping for leaks
Check oil level
Change oil
Check pump output, adjust as necessary
Verify system enable/disable switch works
Inspect door lock cylinders; rebuild as required


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